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What's new

Keep track of progress and latest features.

  • Version: 0.2.0

    Lost and found release

  • feature
    Go packages in collections
    Live search with autocomplete
    Sub-category listing
    FeedbackFish integration, say hi!
  • bugfix
    Package page (next/prev) - scroll through our entire colection of packages using the arrow keys
    Homepage packages were cached for too long
    Contents of a package with README containing a path to another README file
  • update
    Built an internal package search tool
    Use Github handle for package identifiers
    Less intense Github data sync
    Major SEO rework, URL changes and sitemap fixes
    Navigation facelift
  • Version: 0.11.0

    Package collections and Golang packages

  • feature
    JS collections with npm/yarn install commands
    Go packages!
    NPM, Composer and Go stats
  • update
    Frontend improvements, UI tweaks and backend adjustments
  • Version: 0.10.0

    Community friendly

  • feature
    Submit package form!
    New home page sections
    Random package through "I'm lucky"
    Welcome section
  • update
    Sidebar menu improvements
    Laravel 9 upgrade
    CMS improvements
    Package tags import
    Frontend & backend performance improvements
    SEO fixes and improvements
  • bugfix
    Reading edge cases
  • Version: 0.9.0

    Rebuilt things for a good start

  • update
    We picked and categorized a list of JS packages to kick this off.
    We're searching for good ways to keep discovering new packages. We don't want to import them all. Submit your packages through here for now.
    We're starting to work on metric collection and processing more package related meta data.
    Shareable collections are on the way.
    Rebuilt our backend with Laravel Octane+Swoole to support continous package growth and availability demands.
    Rebuilt our infra with Docker, Terraform and Ansible for IaC, Github Actions for CI.
    Adopted Meilisearch for search related things.
    Reorganized things for content structuring.
  • feature
    What's New and Legal pages.
  • bugfix
    API and UI quirks.