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Have your own Tinder and TanTan.

5 days ago


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VueTinder is a Vue component that helps you quickly implement the main features of similar apps like Tinder, TanTan, etc.


  • Made With b$o8, strict detail requirements, under the slow motion, can better see the ease of transition animation, no matter how fast and complicated the operation does not have to worry about the problem.
  • Full Functioning, in addition to the original left, right, and up/down-sliding, a new fallback function has been added, which also supports multiple rollbacks at the same time.
  • Rich Configuration, adjustable sliding, spacing parameters and CSS units for a more flexible and adaptable layout.
  • Simple and lightweight (~5KB after Gzip compression)


VueTinder is still under development, and here are some of the issues that are currently known:

  • The mobile end may accidentally touch VueTinder when the finger slides back.

You are welcome to contribute to the development of VueTinder.