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Spotify SDK

Spotify SDK | Entity and Collection oriented | Browser and Node support!

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Spotify SDK

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Unofficial SDK recommended for Spotify in his developer center

Entity oriented SDK to work with the Spotify Web API.

Entity oriented? What? Yes, you will always receive entities+helpers as the API's response.

An awesome example

Too simple like: Get my User then retrieve my Playlist, then add a Track to one Playlist.

user.me().then((myUser) => { // -> return a User entity with helpers
    myUser.playlists().then((playlistsCollection) => {
        playlistsCollection.first().tracks // -> tracksCollections
        playlistsCollection.first().addTrack(trackEntity) // -> add a track to the playlist

More Examples

Basic example

Complex example

Showcase - Projects using Spotify-SDK

- MagicPlaylist

- 20v

- Infinite Music Trivia

Getting Started

You can get it on npm.

npm install spotify-sdk --save

How to start?

After installing, you should add the SDK to your project.

import {Client, TrackHandler, PlaylistHandler} from 'spotify-sdk';

You can import all entities, handlers and resources of the library.

Init the client

let client = Client.instance;

client.settings = {
    clientId: 'CLIENT_ID',
    secretId: 'SECRET_ID'

If your applications require methods that need authentication:

client.settings = {
    clientId: 'CLIENT_ID',
    secretId: 'SECRET_ID',
    scopes: [SCOPE, SCOPE2],
    redirect_uri: 'REDIRECT_URL'

client.token = 'TOKEN';

Here there is a suggested implementation for login.


Read the documentation here

Node Support

Now you can use the sdk in node!

Browser Support

This SDK use Babel and Polyfill in order to add comptiblity with old browseres.

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git clone [email protected]:loverajoel/spotify-sdk.git

npm install

npm run watch


Pull requests and issues are very welcome. If you have found an bug, please open an issue.



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