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Build modular projects with components in harmony.

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Bit is a tool for composing modern applications of independent components. B

It extends the benefits of micro-services to everything you build, front and back. With Bit teams can autonomously develop, build, and release components, while continuously collaborating and integrating to compose larger applications together. B

Bit's extendible toolset (and visual development UI) creates a simple yet powerful experience for every developer, while larger teams can smoothly scale to build many developers and projects in the component cloud.

Modularity benefits almost every part of the development process, from speeding up releases to making debugging or refactoring much simpler. You can start enjoying Bit through one of many popular use-cases such as Micro Frontends, Design Systems, Development Speed, and Collaboration on components.


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Install Bit

Install Bit Version Manager:

npm i -g @teambit/bvm

# or

yarn global add @teambit/bvm

Install Bit:

bvm install

Init a Bit Workspace:

bit init --harmony

Getting Started

Resources & Community

Large scale example of building with Bit

Bit is 100% built with Bit! Every feature in Bit, from the Bit Version Manager to the workspace UI and even supporting MDX, are just scopes of components developed with Bit.

Explore dozens of OSS scopes and hundreds of OSS components on Bit's cloud platform.

Contributing po8

Contributions are always welcome, no matter how large or small. Before contributing, please read the code of conduct.

See Contributing.

License p.

Apache License, Version 2.0 Analytics

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