ECMAScript, also known as JavaScript, is a high-level programming language with dynamic typing, prototype-based object-orientation, and first-class functions. JavaScript is simply code that is compiled just-in-time.

Use these Javascript accessibility packages to build web content that is easy to use and accessible for all, inclusive of people living with disabilities.

Build decentralized apps and other blockchain-powered solutions with these Javascript blockchain/web3 libraries.

Use these specialized Javascript libraries and tools to aid your website and web app development process.

Display and manage icons for your websites and web apps with these Javascript packages.

Lightbox is a Javascript library that fills the screen with pictures and videos while darkening the remaining content of the web page. It consists of two parts: a modal and a slide presentation.

Use these Javascript packages to move the background UI elements slower than the foreground ones when scrolling.

Javascript libraries for creating custom scrollbars and custom scrolling functionality

Add search functionality to your website with these Javascript search components, libraries and packages.

Javascript libraries for creating and handling Scalable Vector Graphics(SVG) content.

Syntax highlighting is the feature that makes your code easier to read by coloring different parts of your code. These are the top Javascript syntax highlighting libraries.

Top Javascript libraries for handling fonts and other text-related properties.